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way for connecting

Temporary rent

Pop-up Stores are a smart and flexible way of contacting (potential) clients in a cheap, fast and effective way. For example, showing a new product line, as part of a marketing activity intended to approach the consumer physically, as supplement to your website. Where and when you want and for as long as you think necessary. Besides, a pop-up store can also be an excellent launching pad for a permanent shop. We intermediate in order to finding the right match an we also manage the complete process from a to z. Whether it’s about negotiation, forming contracts, finance or interior design.. we offer solutions for each and every division unit. In conclusion: full service.

Would you like more infomation? Visit: www.yourpopupstore.com


  • Low investments
  • Generate extra turnover
  • No negotiation
  • Little risk
  • Good locations throughout the whole country

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